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A sample from the
 Native American Collection

A Maidens Love

I fear that I am not the one
Wonder would there be a son
Her father I hope will see my reason
After all it is spring and the season
For my love for her is in my heart
I feel as if we can never be apart
Broken yet we are divided still
Must past the test show my skill

 Gather many ponies to make the trade
From the Great Fathers she has been made
See the beauty in her face so pure and fine
I only wish to make her fore-ever mine
This Indian maiden from the village of my youth
My feelings shouted from the Teepee roof
Would not be enough to say the words I feel
I hope her father will accept my meager deal
Ride and hunt without any fear before me free
Her father has fright instilled within me to see
Her mother though she has a care I know
Seen it many times while cleaning my bow
A smile the same from mother to daughter
Why do I feel like the lamb to slaughter
So proud she would be of the warrior I am
When we ride the plains to battle white man
I think I saw a wink in her fathers eye today
Just to make sure I will kneel down and pray
She is my life my very soul sent from above
This Indian maiden that I so much love
Stuart Charles Mackenzie November 2002

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